Short Film Day – Children’s Program

9 animated shorts – 56 minutes – children (and adults too!) from 6 years old

It’s a journey through Europe in nine short films, a journey through which balance and harmony take the place of disorder, injustice and solitude. The friendship between a bear and a little bird, the care of an old lady for her dog, and the motherly love of a hare for her leveret, will bring back the serenity in a world of mischievous blackbirds and warlike oranges.

1. KOYAA – LAJF JE CIST ODBIT (Koyaa – The Extraordinary, Slovenia, 2011)
2. LA CAGE (The Cage, France, 2016)
3. VOĆE (Fruit, Croatia, 2016)
4. ATENCIÓN AL CLIENTE (Spain, 2007)
5. MUSHROOM MONSTER (Norway, 2013)
6. MERLOT (Italy, 2016)
7. JACK (Netherlands, 2014)
8. THE BUTTON (Lithuania, 2012)
9. TÄNK OM… (What if, Sweden, 2014)

Call for Short Film Day participants

The Short Film Day is expanding and reaching new countries! We know of a number of projects around Europe (see our list here) but there are probably more we are not aware of : please let us know about the Short Film Day in your country and answer our survey by contacting the Short Circuit’s coordinator, Florence Dupont!

The Short Film Day 2015 in Sweden

The Swedish Film Institute organized the second edition of Short Film Day in Sweden (“Kortfilmsdagen”), doubling the number of participating venues from the previous year. In 2015 there were screenings in cinemas, libraries, art galleries, churches, shopping malls and schools in 23 cities all over the country.

Italian short film programme around the world for the Short Film Day

For the SHORT FILM DAY 2015, the Italian Short Film Center (Centro Nazionale del Cortometraggio) has selected a programme with six Italian recent short films that will be screened in 22 Italian cities as well as 17 cities round the world thanks to the network of the Italian Cultural Institutes.

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