Ireland   Screen Irelandy



Year of the setting up: 1993
Status: National Agency
Number of members in the team: 20

Contact: Mags O’Sullivan, Marketing Executive –

Organization funding: Public and private subsidies

Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland is the national development agency for the Irish film industry investing in talent, creativity and enterprise. The agency supports and promotes the Irish film industry and the use of Ireland as a location for international production. Our role sees us directly involved in the creative process of Irish films from script to screen. We provide investment for the development, production and release of Irish feature films, television, animation, documentaries and short films. The Inward Production unit of the agency attracts direct inward investment and assists international producers with their needs while on location in Ireland by providing comprehensive information about all aspects of filming in Ireland, from tax incentives to locations, casting, crews, equipment and facilities.