Here is an updated list of the members of Short Circuit. Please click on their names to know more about each of them.

Belgian Short Film Agency


Year of the setting up: 2016
Status: Association
Number of members in the team: 2

Contact: Anne-Françoise Reynders –

Organization funding: Private funds: 80 % / Public funds: 10 % / Other: 10 %

The Belgian Short Film Agency was created in 2016 from the desire of professionals (producers, directors, festivals) to promote and foster the broadcasting of Belgian short films in Belgium and abroad.

We propose various services:

  • Festival Submissions in international festivals to ensure a Belgian presence in the main festivals;
  • International Sales to support the broadcasting of our shorts on all kind of medias;
  • Broadcasting of Short films and Programs to respond to the needs of exhibitors (retrospective, carte blanche, cine club, school screenings…);
  • Networking.
Croatian Audiovisual Centre


Year of the setting up: 2008
Status: Governmental organization
Number of members in the team: 2

Contact: Karla Bačić-Jelinčić, Department of Promotion and Festivals –

Organization funding: Public subsidies: 60 % / Mixed financing: 40 %

The Croatian Audiovisual Centre is the Government – backed strategic agency for the audiovisual sector in Croatia. It aims to stimulate a successful, vibrant audiovisual industry as well as to promote the widest possible enjoyment and understanding of audiovisual works throughout Croatia. As a main audiovisual agency in Croatia, we have assumed the overall responsibility for the growth of Croatia’s audiovisual industry. Our remit ranges from supporting development, production, distribution, exhibition, marketing and promotion, to professional training and supporting national film archive through the system of public subsidies. The Centre also promotes Croatian films and co-productions at all major festivals and markets.

L'Agence du court métrage


Year of the setting up: 1983
Status: Association / National Agency
Number of members in the team: 30

Contact: Amélie Chatellier, Executive Director and Fabrice Marquat, International theatrical distribution –

Organization funding: Public subsidies: 65 % / Private funds: 35 %

Over the last 30 years L’Agence du court métrage has been developing a promotion and distribution network for short films in France and abroad, and establishes the link between those who make the films and those who distribute them. L’Agence du court métrage has a collection of more than 10,000 titles, with productions dating from the 60s to today, and represents a wide variety of genres including fiction, animation, documentary and experimental film. Each year, hundreds of more films are added to this collection. L’Agence du court métrage distributes the films widely, at cinemas, festivals and open air theatres, on television and over the Internet. Income from film rental and the assignment of rights is then shared among the legal owners of the films (producers and/or directors). The L’Agence du court métrage also provides an educational service on cinema, by way of teaching workshops on programming, so that all audiences may learn about the short format. The organisation publishes a magazine entitled Bref, which is entirely devoted to short film and to the short form (clips, video art etc.) It serves as both a critical review for film lovers and a practical tool for professionals. The magazine is published five times a year and comes with a DVD for discovering not only the best of contemporary film but classic films as well. Last but not least, the Agence, in collaboration with the association Sauve qui peut le court métrage, created the portal to the French short film, an essential tool for directors, producers and festival organizers as well as for the entire professional industry.

Interfilm Berlin


Year of the setting up: 1982
Status: Association
Number of members in the team: 11

Contact: Alexander Stein, Festival producer / CEO –

Organization funding: Private funds: 100 %

Interfilm Berlin has been dedicated to the creative and successful exploitation of short films ever since it’s inception in 1982. What began as the International Short Film Festival Berlin steadily expanded its field of activities, leading to the founding in 2000, of an internationally operating short film distribution. In addition to organizing regular short film screenings in Berlin (that enjoy a considerable cult following), the distribution has also become known for their excellent short film DVD collection releases. On the international front, Interfilm Berlin presents short film programs throughout the world at film festivals and universities, while its representatives hold seminars, workshops and panel discussions on all aspects of short film production and exploitation. Interfilm Berlin distributes an extensive variety of short fiction, animated films and documentaries.

KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg e.V.


Year of the setting up: 1992
Status: Association
Number of members in the team: 10

Contact: –

Organization funding: Public subsidies: 30 % / Other: 70 %

The KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg (KFA) promotes the distribution and the public awareness of the short films. In 1992, the agency emerged as a spin-off from the NoBudget Short Film Festival (since 1994 it is named the “Hamburg International ShortFilmFestival”). The portfolio of the theatrical distribution offers prefilms as well as feature length short film compilations. The short film subscription offers cinemas a one-year-long supply with one short film per week at a fixed rate, including consulting services. Screening copies are provided as 35-mm prints as well as in digital formats. The digital distribution platform XK.SHORTS provides films in 2k quality on hard drives and for download.
The sales office manages the worldwide selling of licenses to TV stations, internet and mobile services providers, feature-film renting agencies, non-profit organizations and closed-circuit users. In its shop at, the KFA offers both its own DVDs as well as more than 200 shorts and compilations to private customers. A selection of shorts from the KFA’s sales catalogue is also available for download at a reasonable price.
The KFA curates short film programmes for national and international festivals and film-related cultural events. The marketing department of the KFA concentrates on developing new marketing strategies for short films and on counselling young filmmakers regarding marketing. The video archive maintains a short film database of about 30000 titles as well as videos of these films for viewing purpouses. The KurzFilmAgentur is a member of assorted national and international short film-relevant institutions and works in close cooperation with the film institutes of other countries. It organizes and hosts the annual Hamburg International Short Film Festival as well as the Hamburg International Children’s ShortFilmFestival Mo&Friese.

Screen Ireland


Year of the setting up: 1993
Status: National Agency
Number of members in the team: 20

Contact: Mags O’Sullivan, Marketing Executive –

Organization funding: Public and private subsidies

Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland is the national development agency for the Irish film industry investing in talent, creativity and enterprise. The agency supports and promotes the Irish film industry and the use of Ireland as a location for international production. Our role sees us directly involved in the creative process of Irish films from script to screen. We provide investment for the development, production and release of Irish feature films, television, animation, documentaries and short films. The Inward Production unit of the agency attracts direct inward investment and assists international producers with their needs while on location in Ireland by providing comprehensive information about all aspects of filming in Ireland, from tax incentives to locations, casting, crews, equipment and facilities.

Green Ray Film Agency


Year of the setting up: 2015
Status: Company
Number of members in the team: 2

Contact: Mick Hannigan, Una Feely – –

Organization funding: Private funds : 100%

GRFA-SignatureThe Green Ray Film Agency works with Irish filmmakers seeking international festival exposure and with festivals seeking Irish films We’re dedicated to the effective promotion of Irish films to festivals, to cultural events and to distribution outlets. Our focus is particularly on Irish short films but also on indie features and documentaries, many of which we screen first at the annual IndieCork Film Festival. For festivals, we provide contemporary Irish shorts and indie features, also specially curated Irish shorts programmes. For filmmakers, we advise on festival strategy.

Centro Nazionale del Cortometraggio


Year of the setting up: 2007 Status: Governmental organization Number of members in the team: 5

Contact: Jacopo Chessa, director –

Organization funding: Public and private subsidies

italian_short_filmCNC was born in 2007 promoted by Aiace Nazionale and National Cinema Museum, sponsored by the Ministry of Cultural Property and Piedmont Region. Its institutional duties are:

  • to organize the memory of the Italian short films, being an essential part of the national cinema. The CNC proposes itself as a big archive that digitalizes – in high quality on a digital server – the entire yearly production with a backwards journey to recuperate the past operas;
  • it would like to be a kind of show-museum that gives the possibility to everyone (common spectators, critics, researchers and students, workers in the sector, etc…) to have an enormous cinematographic property just by visiting the internet site;
  • being point of reference for the promotion of Italian short films, in Italy and abroad, by standing in the main events and international short film markets;
  • promoting the Italian short film reality in all its aspects, with editorials and multimedia projects;
  • wide opened on the future of the cinema system, the CNC is built in a way to give the possibility to download in HD the screening in cinemas and it is studying different ways of diffusion, connected with new medias.

All the principal Italian organisms, sector festivals, media experts and authors adhere to the CNC.

Lithuanian Shorts


Year of the setting up: 2012
Status: National Agency
Number of members in the team: 3

Contact: Rimantė Daugėlaitė, Managing director –

Organization funding: Public subsidies: 90 % / Private funds: 10 %

Lithuanian Shorts is a Lithuanian Short Film Agency that takes care of a systematic and coordinated presentation of Lithuanian short films in Lithuania and all over the world. Responding to this, Lithuanian Shorts is a multifunctional organization, involving the programming and organization of special screenings at the international film festivals and other events in Lithuania and abroad, organization of international short film festival “Vilnius Film Shorts” and short film pitching event “Baltic Pitching Forum”, establishment of an online VoD platform (, publishing of DVD and catalogue of the best Lithuanian Shorts. We are more than happy to assist you by sharing our ever expanding contacts list of Lithuanian filmmakers, organization of public including private screenings, programming for the festivals and organizing national Lithuanian Shorts stand at Short Film Market at International Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival.

Eye Film Institute Netherlands


Year of the setting up: 1947 (as The Dutch Film Museum)
Status: Association
Number of members in the team: 7

Contact: Edith van der Heijde – Short Film Poule and distribution of Experimental short films – , Web: /

and Lisa Linde Nieveld – EYE International – Promotion of Dutch short films and documentaries – , Web: /

Organization funding: Public and private subsidies

EYE is the centre for film culture and heritage in the Netherlands. EYE has an extensive and internationally renowned collection and is respected worldwide for its restoration and research expertise, as well as its significant experience in the areas of education and international promotion and marketing of Dutch films. Through its activities and services, EYE aims to foster a viable film industry in the Netherlands and to promote Dutch film at home and abroad. The international promotion of Dutch contemporary short films is done by two departments: EYE Experimental and EYE International. EYE Experimental focusesspecifically on Dutch experimental short films, whereas EYE International is responsible for the international promotion and marketing of Dutch films of all genres. The main aim of EYE Experimental is to showcase Dutch films that are unique in their unconventional subject matter, working method and form. EYE Experimental has a large collection of Dutch experimental short films. This collection is actively promoted by Eye through the in-house programming of the E*Cinema series and distributed in The Netherlands and at national and international festivals. EYE International’s goal is to generate both cultural and commercial interest in Dutch films abroad in order to strengthen the position of Dutch film on the international market. EYE International helps Dutch producers to develop a festival and marketing strategy and keeps film festivals over the world informed about developments in contemporary Dutch film. For the promotion of short film in national film theatres, Eye started the Korte Film Poule project in 2014. With this project Eye aims to get more short films visible in the Dutch cinemas. At the moment there are approximately 250 films available inthe Korte Film Poule catalogue, from short animations, documentaries and fiction to experimental films. There are also several compilation programmes available, arranged around a film maker or a theme and several programmes for educational use. Dutch cinemas can subscribe to the Short Film Poole for an annual fee. With this subscription they have unlimited access to the catalogue and they can book as many films for as many screenings as they like. All films in the Korte Film Poule are available on DCP and are sent to the theatres via a digital server.

Norwegian Film Institute


Year of the setting up: 2008
Status: Governmental organization
Number of members in the team: 4

Contact: Toril Simonsen, Head of International Relation –

Organization funding: Public subsidies: 100 %

The Norwegian Film Institute was established on April 1st, 2008, following the merger of the four former governmental institutions The Norwegian Film Institute, The Norwegian Film Fund, Norwegian Film Development and The Norwegian Film Commission. The Norwegian Film Institute operates under the authority of the Ministry of Church and Cultural Affairs. The objectives in the area of film policy, adopted by Parliament, govern the Norwegian Film Institute’s activities. The Norwegian Film Institute is located in the Film House in downtown Oslo. The Film House is a gathering place for film administration, film business and for the general public. The objectives of the Norwegian Film Institute are to support the production, promotion and distribution of quality films, as well as to represent Norwegian film internationally, and to highlight film as an expression of art and culture.

Agencia - Portuguese Short Film Agency


Year of the setting up: 1999
Status: National Agency
Number of members in the team: 3

Contact: Nuno Rodrigues, Manager –

Organization funding: Private funds: 80 % / Mixed financing: 10 % / Other: 10 %

agencia_membersThe Agencia – Portuguese Short Film Agency was created in 1999 by Curtas Metragens CRL with the support of the Portuguese Cinema and Audiovisual Institute. After 13 years of existence, Agencia is the end result of a series of initiatives that led to the definition of its profile as an active agent and a driving force in the promotion and distribution of Portuguese short films all over the world based on a strong sense of public service. Part of our strategy has been to ensure the constant presence of Portuguese films at the main film festivals, managing the information, communication and film print coordination. In addition, we have a number of on-going long-term activities that include organizing short film retrospective programs, for festivals, cinema clubs, associations and other projection venues; planning and organizing programs for target audiences; establishing partnerships with cultural organizations also with the aim to screen short films outside the festival circuit and provide them with an alternative to commercial venues. Agencia has therefore a preeminent role in the world projection of Portuguese short films in festivals and similar events and through the organization of initiatives and retrospective of programs focused on Portuguese Cinema. A complex aesthetic amplitude of an entirely new generation of Portuguese film directors is listed in Agencia’s catalogue, covering documentary, fiction, animation and experimental film.

Slovenian Film Centre


Year of the setting up: 2011
Status: Governmental organization
Number of members in the team: 2

Contact: Ana Lampret –

Organization funding: Public and private subsidies

Slovenian Film Centre, a public agency of the Republic of Slovenia, was established in 2011 as a successor of the Slovenian film fund – a public fund. The goal of Slovenian Film Centre is to encourage creativity in the film and audiovisual field in Slovenia by creating suitable conditions for film, audiovisual and cinematographic activities. It is co‑financing all programmes dealing with development, production, promotion and distribution of films. Besides that it also supports film festivals, industry associations, promotion of film locations, film literacy and other.

FREAK Independent Film Agency


Year of the setting up: 2000
Status: Distributor/Sales agent
Number of members in the team: 7

Contact: Millan Luis Vasquez-Ortiz, Managing director –

Organization funding: Public subsidies: 20 % / Private funds: 80 %

FREAK Independent Film Agency is an independent company funded in 2000 which its main purpose is international sales and distribution of awarded Spanish and Latin American short films. We work with all genres (comedy, drama, fantasy, etc…) and we update our catalogue regularly with brand new high-profile titles. Our company manages worldwide rights for television, theatre releases, dvds, internet, mobile, air lines,etc. We also develop special programmes for festivals and internet projects…



Year of the setting up: 1998
Status: Public programme
Number of members in the team: 2

Contact: Txema Muñoz, Head of the programme –

Organization funding: 100% public

Kimuak is a public programme, born in 1998 and focused on the promotion, diffusion and distribution of Basque short films worldwide. Kimuak selects every year some of the best short films made in the Basque Country (director and/or producer must be Basque, or live in the Basque Country) and publish some materials to promote the selected films. Kimuak works above all with film festivals and deals only non-commercial rights of the films. We take in charge the entire process of submitting our films to festivals, since entering the film until sending the screening copy.

Madrid en corto


Year of the setting up: 2005
Status: /
Number of members in the team: 2

Contact: Ismael Martin –

Organization funding: 100% public

Madrid en corto is a program promoted by Consejería de Empleo, Turismo y Cultura de la Comunidad de Madrid with the objective of spreading and promoting short movies produced in the Community of Madrid. Since 2005, the short movies completing this program are selected from The Short Movie Week of the Community of Madrid. Madrid en corto means a support for new film directors and producers. Furthermore, it is a clear compromise with the audiovisual production in the Community of Madrid. Madrid en corto and ECAM shorts (graduate films made by students at ECAM) are managed by ECAM distribution office.

Swedish Film Institute


Year of the setting up: 1963
Status: Governmental Organization
Number of members in the team: 6

Contact: Theo Tsappos – Festival Manager Short Film –

Organization funding: Public subsidies: 100 %

The Swedish Film Institute works to promote film across the board – from idea to finished product, during launch in Sweden and around the world, and by preserving films for posterity in our archives.
The Film Institute was founded in 1963 by the Swedish state and the various professional bodies of the film industry. Its remit – to support the production of new films, the distribution and screening of worthwhile films, to preserve and promote Sweden’s film heritage and to represent Swedish film at an international level – is defined in the Film Agreement, the Film Bill, and in the annual document of grant appropriations from the Ministry of Culture.
The Film Institute is financed by a combination of state funding and the Film Agreement, which stipulates a ten percent levy on cinema admission charges.
The Film Institute is managed by a board made up of nine members appointed by the government. The board in turn appoints the CEO, who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Film Institute. The organisation is divided into five departments: Production Funding & Promotion, Film/Society, Film Heritage, Communications & PR and Administration.

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