France   L’Agence du court métrage



Year of the setting up: 1983
Status: Association / National Agency
Number of members in the team: 30

Contact: Amélie Chatellier, Executive Director and Florence Keller, head of distribution and sales –

Organization funding: Public subsidies: 65 % / Private funds: 35 %

Over the last 30 years L’Agence du court métrage has been developing a promotion and distribution network for short films in France and abroad, and establishes the link between those who make the films and those who distribute them. L’Agence du court métrage has a collection of more than 10,000 titles, with productions dating from the 60s to today, and represents a wide variety of genres including fiction, animation, documentary and experimental film. Each year, hundreds of more films are added to this collection. L’Agence du court métrage distributes the films widely, at cinemas, festivals and open air theatres, on television and over the Internet. Income from film rental and the assignment of rights is then shared among the legal owners of the films (producers and/or directors). The L’Agence du court métrage also provides an educational service on cinema, by way of teaching workshops on programming, so that all audiences may learn about the short format. The organisation publishes a magazine entitled Bref, which is entirely devoted to short film and to the short form (clips, video art etc.) It serves as both a critical review for film lovers and a practical tool for professionals. The magazine is published five times a year and comes with a DVD for discovering not only the best of contemporary film but classic films as well. Last but not least, the Agence, in collaboration with the association Sauve qui peut le court métrage, created the portal to the French short film, an essential tool for directors, producers and festival organizers as well as for the entire professional industry.