Germany   KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg



Year of the setting up: 1992
Status: Association
Number of members in the team: 10

Contact: –

Organization funding:
Public subsidies: 30 % / Other: 70 %

The KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg (KFA) promotes the distribution and the public awareness of the short films. In 1992, the agency emerged as a spin-off from the NoBudget Short Film Festival (since 1994 it is named the « Hamburg International ShortFilmFestival »). The portfolio of the theatrical distribution offers prefilms as well as feature length short film compilations. The short film subscription offers cinemas a one-year-long supply with one short film per week at a fixed rate, including consulting services. Screening copies are provided as 35-mm prints as well as in digital formats. The digital distribution platform XK.SHORTS provides films in 2k quality on hard drives and for download.
The sales office manages the worldwide selling of licenses to TV stations, internet and mobile services providers, feature-film renting agencies, non-profit organizations and closed-circuit users. In its shop at, the KFA offers both its own DVDs as well as more than 200 shorts and compilations to private customers. A selection of shorts from the KFA’s sales catalogue is also available for download at a reasonable price.
The KFA curates short film programmes for national and international festivals and film-related cultural events. The marketing department of the KFA concentrates on developing new marketing strategies for short films and on counselling young filmmakers regarding marketing. The video archive maintains a short film database of about 30000 titles as well as videos of these films for viewing purpouses. The KurzFilmAgentur is a member of assorted national and international short film-relevant institutions and works in close cooperation with the film institutes of other countries. It organizes and hosts the annual Hamburg International Short Film Festival as well as the Hamburg International Children’s ShortFilmFestival Mo&Friese.