Germany   Interfilm Berlin



Year of the setting up: 1982
Status: Association
Number of members in the team: 11

Contact: Alexander Stein, Festival producer / CEO –

Organization funding: Private funds: 100 %

Interfilm Berlin has been dedicated to the creative and successful exploitation of short films ever since it’s inception in 1982. What began as the International Short Film Festival Berlin steadily expanded its field of activities, leading to the founding in 2000, of an internationally operating short film distribution. In addition to organizing regular short film screenings in Berlin (that enjoy a considerable cult following), the distribution has also become known for their excellent short film DVD collection releases. On the international front, Interfilm Berlin presents short film programs throughout the world at film festivals and universities, while its representatives hold seminars, workshops and panel discussions on all aspects of short film production and exploitation. Interfilm Berlin distributes an extensive variety of short fiction, animated films and documentaries.