Netherlands   Eye Film Institute Netherlands


Year of the setting up: 1947 (as The Dutch Film Museum)
Status: Association
Number of members in the team: 7

Contact: Edith van der Heijde – Short Film Poule and distribution of Experimental short films – , Web: /

and Lisa Linde Nieveld – EYE International – Promotion of Dutch short films and documentaries – , Web: /

Organization funding: Public and private subsidies

EYE is the centre for film culture and heritage in the Netherlands. EYE has an extensive and internationally renowned collection and is respected worldwide for its restoration and research expertise, as well as its significant experience in the areas of education and international promotion and marketing of Dutch films. Through its activities and services, EYE aims to foster a viable film industry in the Netherlands and to promote Dutch film at home and abroad. The international promotion of Dutch contemporary short films is done by two departments: EYE Experimental and EYE International. EYE Experimental focusesspecifically on Dutch experimental short films, whereas EYE International is responsible for the international promotion and marketing of Dutch films of all genres. The main aim of EYE Experimental is to showcase Dutch films that are unique in their unconventional subject matter, working method and form. EYE Experimental has a large collection of Dutch experimental short films. This collection is actively promoted by Eye through the in-house programming of the E*Cinema series and distributed in The Netherlands and at national and international festivals. EYE International’s goal is to generate both cultural and commercial interest in Dutch films abroad in order to strengthen the position of Dutch film on the international market. EYE International helps Dutch producers to develop a festival and marketing strategy and keeps film festivals over the world informed about developments in contemporary Dutch film. For the promotion of short film in national film theatres, Eye started the Korte Film Poule project in 2014. With this project Eye aims to get more short films visible in the Dutch cinemas. At the moment there are approximately 250 films available inthe Korte Film Poule catalogue, from short animations, documentaries and fiction to experimental films. There are also several compilation programmes available, arranged around a film maker or a theme and several programmes for educational use. Dutch cinemas can subscribe to the Short Film Poole for an annual fee. With this subscription they have unlimited access to the catalogue and they can book as many films for as many screenings as they like. All films in the Korte Film Poule are available on DCP and are sent to the theatres via a digital server.