Italy Centro Nazionale del Cortometraggio


Year of the setting up: 2007 Status: Governmental organization Number of members in the team: 5

Contact: Jacopo Chessa, director –

Organization funding: Public and private subsidies

italian_short_filmCNC was born in 2007 promoted by Aiace Nazionale and National Cinema Museum, sponsored by the Ministry of Cultural Property and Piedmont Region. Its institutional duties are:

  • to organize the memory of the Italian short films, being an essential part of the national cinema. The CNC proposes itself as a big archive that digitalizes – in high quality on a digital server – the entire yearly production with a backwards journey to recuperate the past operas;
  • it would like to be a kind of show-museum that gives the possibility to everyone (common spectators, critics, researchers and students, workers in the sector, etc…) to have an enormous cinematographic property just by visiting the internet site;
  • being point of reference for the promotion of Italian short films, in Italy and abroad, by standing in the main events and international short film markets;
  • promoting the Italian short film reality in all its aspects, with editorials and multimedia projects;
  • wide opened on the future of the cinema system, the CNC is built in a way to give the possibility to download in HD the screening in cinemas and it is studying different ways of diffusion, connected with new medias.

All the principal Italian organisms, sector festivals, media experts and authors adhere to the CNC.