Portugal   Agencia РPortuguese Short Film Agency

Web: www.curtas.pt

Year of the setting up: 1999
Status: National Agency
Number of members in the team: 3

Contact: Nuno Rodrigues, Manager – nuno@curtas.pt

Organization funding: Private funds: 80 % / Mixed financing: 10 % / Other: 10 %

agencia_membersThe Agencia – Portuguese Short Film Agency was created in 1999 by Curtas Metragens CRL with the support of the Portuguese Cinema and Audiovisual Institute. After 13 years of existence, Agencia is the end result of a series of initiatives that led to the definition of its profile as an active agent and a driving force in the promotion and distribution of Portuguese short films all over the world based on a strong sense of public service. Part of our strategy has been to ensure the constant presence of Portuguese films at the main film festivals, managing the information, communication and film print coordination. In addition, we have a number of on-going long-term activities that include organizing short film retrospective programs, for festivals, cinema clubs, associations and other projection venues; planning and organizing programs for target audiences; establishing partnerships with cultural organizations also with the aim to screen short films outside the festival circuit and provide them with an alternative to commercial venues. Agencia has therefore a preeminent role in the world projection of Portuguese short films in festivals and similar events and through the organization of initiatives and retrospective of programs focused on Portuguese Cinema. A complex aesthetic amplitude of an entirely new generation of Portuguese film directors is listed in Agencia’s catalogue, covering documentary, fiction, animation and experimental film.